Roof Cleaning

@ $0.35per sq ft

Our roof cleaning service includes: restoring shingles to like-new appearance, includes gutter cleaning, and a wash down of the house and plants. To begin, we apply a Soft-Wash eco-friendly roof cleaning solution to gently remove all fungus, moss, algae, and debris from your shingles. We then apply a zinc treatment to your roof. Ask about our  discounts with annual maintenance services.

On average, our gutter cleaning service is $1 per linear foot. However, we do weigh in factors  including: if the home has two stories, complexity and pitch.

Roof cleaning price is $.35 per square foot on average. Asphalt shingles, ceramic tile, concrete tile, cedar shake, and other surfaces such as decks, fences, or siding may qualify for Low Pressure safe roof cleaning.


Roof Cleaning Before


Roof Cleaning After

New Roofs

Special price @ $3.50 per square foot

Service on standard roof includes: Removal of old roofing shingles and disposal, Installation of 30 year dimensional composition color and manufacturer of choice, Installation of all new fasteners, underlayment, ice & water shield, drip edge metal and vents.
One call gets all our best crews bidding against each other for your work, so call today!

3 easy Steps:

  • Phone or email office with addresss
  • We’ll write your free estimate
  • Sign our proposal to complete your roof

For most homeowners having to replace their shingle roof is money they’d rather put on a beach getaway, but remember replacing a roof is a wise investment to protect your house and its future value.

  • *10 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • *30 Year Manufacturers Warranty


Average Cost @ $0.15 per square foot

Using organic roof cleaning solutions instead of bleach and other harsh chemicals can increase total costs by up to 30%. Although it is possible to clean a roof yourself, professionals have access to stronger cleaning products and tools that make reaching the top of the roof and getting the job done safely. Our team is trained to work without damaging the roof or putting themselves at risk.

Disclaimer: Homes in damp areas near lots of trees are more susceptible to moss build up and in some cases many have done damage needing repair. Also, if heavy build up areas need removal, a gentle cleaning with either air or low pressure water may be recommended for the most beneficial treatment results. 

For soft-wash roof cleaning in Portland, OR, and surrounding areas, call your trusted professionals at Save Roofs. 

No Harsh Pressure
Environmentally Safe
Spray on – Hose Off
Safe Around Plants & Pets

Soft-Wash Before

Soft-Wash After

Roof Maintenance

Blow Roof & Gutters @ $0.15 per square foot

Our maintenance includes air volume to remove roof debris, heavy build-up and thorough cleaning of all gutters & downspouts. Includes full inspection of all penetration areas, ground clean up and application of moss treatment – zinc sulfate.

  • Diamond $$$$ - 15 Point Inspection + up to 1 bundle – repairs/cleaning
  • Gold $$$ - 10 Point Inspection – Blow Roof & Gutters and moss treatment
  • Silver $$ - 5 Point Inspection – Blow Roof and Gutters
  • Bronze $ - 5 Point Inspection – once per year

Gutter Cleaning

Roof Maintenance Before

Zinc Powder

Roof Maintenance After

Roof Reconditioning

Average project is $0.60 per square foot

Most homes have shingles warranted for 30 years. However, flashings, vents, and exposures commonly fail in around half of this time. These failures often result in premature roof replacement.

Roof Reconditioning typically includes:

  • Addressing headwall flashing tightening
  • Installation of kick-outs into gutters
  • Sealant on all exposed fasteners
  • Replacement of all old pipe jack boots
  • Installation of new metal vents
  • Repair/Replace up to 1 bundle of shingles

Usually after a roof has been neglected for some time, there are visible signs of damage such as dry rot wood or ventilation attic issues. A full consultation will be given if anything is noticed during our initial inspection or reconditioning.

**Every roof needs 1/300 breathing with around 50/50 ratio of intake vent & exhaust on the top.**

Call today for roof reconditioning in Portland, OR, and surrounding areas. 

Roof Reconditioning Before

Roof Reconditioning After

Roof Repair

Key Facts about Roof Repair:

  • 100 square feet = 1 roof square
  • 5 bundles of shingles per each roof square
  • Avg. Roof 5-10% Repair Needed due to deteriorated shingles
  • Plywood is 4 x 8 feet each sheet
  • 3 Sheets = 1 Roof Square

A Roofing System:

  • Seal– moss treatment, staining with color or oil, keep all gutters & downspouts clean
  • Defend– keep roof free of debris and moss all penetration areas must be sealed
  • Breathe– restricted airflow causes wood to warp and can reduce heat, moisture, and mold

For roof repair in Portland, OR, call Save Roofs today. 

Roof Repair

Small (10-20sq’s)

Medium (20-30sq’s)

Large (30-40sq’s)